Electrical Engineering

Most building occupants will judge a lighting design by its appearance and this is certainly of paramount importance. Of equally great concern to the owner is cost of powering the lights. Our design process has us modeling the building designs to best produce a quality light layout at minimal wattage and using attractive lower-cost fixtures.

Of less glamour is the power aspect of the electrical engineering design. Experienced builders will recognize that the power distribution hardware, wiring, and installation of electrical systems is a very major cost component. Quality engineering design can hold the costs to a minimum by proper choice of voltages, electrical phasing, usage of properly spaced sub-panels and other techniques learned over the years.

In addition to the "lights and plugs" aspect of the electrical design we also provide services to design the telecom and computer network building wiring. Should the owner request additional low voltage designs, (security, close circuit TV, audio) we can and do provide the service to produce biddable designs.